Every time a brand listens to their customers, it learns something new about itself. That was the idea behind Flying Together, a project we created with TAM Airlines. Here’s how it works:

The passenger speaks
Clients of TAM Fidelidade (the brand’s frequent flyer program) are invited to participate in an exclusive digital environment where they can make compliments, criticize or suggest any change to the company’s services.

Actionable insights
Customers are invited to take part in a number of surveys, providing valuable data for a number of decision-making processes.

Round trip
A regular newsletter provides customers with feedback, showing how their opinions are becoming actual improvements to the service.

More than a thousand words
Figures and stats on the project are not delivered in dull, technically-heavy reports, but in dynamic infographic dashboards. That means more information in less space and time, so our client has less to interpret and more to act on.


Metrics and insights come alive
We don’t limit ourselves to merely measure the performance of products, services and campaigns. Yes, we measure engagement, affection and hard stats. And yes, we make a complete and comprehensive technical report. But we can also present all that information in very few slides. Actually… we tend to summarize it to just one. Like this: