Everything is connected.

Nobody is an island. That’s true for your brand and its consumers, and it also goes for you, your employees and everyone they interact with, both in and out of their professional conext.

Understanding how people connect to brands, products, services and other people is just half the story. How do they relate to everything they’re connected to? What are these relations made of? How do they influence people’s preferences, their purchase decisions and the performance of each person in numerous personal and professional instances?

Nox4Think uses a unique mix of research tools and methods to answer to these and other questions – and allow you to visualize the invisible.

Digital Research

How do you capture someone’s attention in the distraction-rich digital world?

We do market research in a whole new dimension, by analyzing the social networks the consumer is part of, and the opportunities they create. But the digital world is not just an ecosystem: it’s also a tool, which we use to our advantage, making our surveys more engaging – and the answers to them, more honest.

We do that by offering products such as Engage Digital, which measures the consumer’s engagement to your brand, and CommunityNox, a set of digital communities where we track the evolution of opinions in consumer networks through time. And of course, we also apply Trackings and Ad-Hoc surveys to the digital arena.

Visual Telling

All research is fascinating. Don’t let a boring presentation ruin it.

In addition to the classic report, we also deliver results in a narrative, infographic presentation. We don’t do this just because we declared war on boredom. We do it because images, colors and a narrative structure with a beginning, a middle and an end (or an end, a middle and a beginning) can convey information in a very special way: a way that human beings are programmed not to forget.

The Nox Way

We don’t have a formula. At least not a preconceived one. But we do follow a strict methodology, with 5 steps that we follow in every project: