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Eduardo Sincofsky Nox4Think’s founder is as Argentinian and as big a San Lorenzo fan as the Pope himself (hence the colors “azul y grana” in our original logo). He loves living in Brazil, though.

He’s a psychologist, a journalist and has a master’s degree in Public Opinion Analysis. Eduardo is a consulting expert in politics and communication.

He’s been an executive at ACNielsen, Ipsos and Synovate, and has been working in market research for more than 22 years. Sometimes he shuts down his computer and listens to some tango and murga. Do not, however, expect him to turn off his cellphone.

Rogério da Costa Rogério started working in social media before it was cool. It all began in 1991, when he was a doctorate student of Philosophy at the University of Paris IV – Sorbonne, where he was introduced to Michel Authier and Pierre Lévy, creators of some of the first social mapping softwares in history. He worked with Lévi until 2000, researching the Semantic Web.

Rogério is a professor of Communication and Semiotics at PUC-SP. He also founded the Collective Intelligence Lab (LInC) and works as a consultant or a number of government agencies and private companies.

To get him to disconnect, try talking about cinema, wine and the latest Flamengo soccer game.

Renato Guerra Renato got his degree in Social Communication, but had his interest drawn to information analysis when he took part in a project during his internship at Fischer America.

Now with more than 14 years in market research, he worked for Ipsos and Research International (currently TNS). Renato managed research projects for a number of different industries, and he believes one can never get enough technology and curiosity.

Despite being from Minas Gerais, when it comes to soccer he’s a fan of Rio’s Flamengo. He also plays the guitar. So far, his little daughter still thinks he’s good.

Marília Furukawa Marilia is Public Relations student at ECA-USP. Her interests, however, are diverse enough that she even spent some time as a Physics major at UNICAMP.

Marilia loves history books, science documentaries and being invited to foodie adventures. Finally, she fights for a better world, one with equal opportunities for women.

Fabiana Souza A bachelor in Financial Management, Fabiana joined Nox in 2014 to “tidy up the place”. And that’s precisely what she did, reorganizing the management, staff and financial departments, thanks to her 5-year experience in the financial market.

Her free time is dedicated to theater and cooking inventions for the friends she receives at home.

Gastón De Lazzari

As a kid, Gastón never thought the time he was spending in front of his parents’ TV would amount to any kind of investment in his future. Years later, when studying Communication Sciences in the University of Buenos Aires, he found in Semiotics a whole new way to enjoy mass media.

With a 20-year experience in market research, Gastón spent the last 10 years leading regional teams in companies such as Synovate and TNS, when he decided to move on to explore new ways. He’s currently a professor of Semiotics at the University of Buenos Aires and a consulting expert in Market Research here at Nox4Think.

He’s still an avid consumer of audiovisual entertainment. The internet just gave him a lot of additional options.


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