Inside Brazilian culture

Brazil is gigantic. And so is
the complexity of its market.
Across its continent-sized territory, a multitude
of regional lifestyles can put products and
services under wildly different demands.
Varying available infrastructures create challenges and opportunities everywhere.

And a cookie can be a biscoito or a bolacha depending on where you are, or what group of people you’re talking to, requiring smart decisions in advertising and package design.
If you represent a brand aiming to compete for a slice of the promising Brazilian market, or a research institute in need of a local partner, you can trust Nox4Think for consumer research with eyes on the inside.

All initial requests from global clients are answered within 24 hours, and all projects run strictly under the client’s schedule.

Who said reason and emotion don’t go well together?

To get consumers to love you, knowing what they think is not enough. What you need is to really understand how they feel. FIND OUT HOW
We help our clients ask the right questions. Then we use psychology, science and creativity to find answers that go beyond the rational mind.
And we deliver results in a way that reaches all the ranks inside the organizations they belong to. Insights that are never forgotten.

The portfolio of a big agency with the heart of a small shop.

Our team’s expertise provides our clients with network analysis, qualitative research, semiotic analysis and workshops with quality and agility to match the demand of large brands. Read more

What do the most innovative ideas have in common?

They’re born of curiosity. They’re flexible. They’re easy to share and hard to forget. Each one of our core beliefs relates to one of these aspects. Read more

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