What We Do


Understanding and solving your organization’s problems in a creative and dynamic way. By using visual metaphors, cards, icons and a variety of psychology-backed playful techniques, our workshops will walk your team through the steps of clarification, conception, development and implementation, turning obscure problems into clear, practical solutions.

Affection semiotics

What does the consumer feel for your brand? This seminar will help your marketing team to apply concepts of semiotic analysis to your brand's consumer experience. It's a deep dive into philosophical ideas such as Peirce's pragmatism and Espinoza's theory of affections, examining the units of meaning and feeling that connect your audience with the best your brand has to offer. The seminar is divided in three stages:
1 - Semiotic analysis in present-day marketing.
2 - Affection semiotics.
3 - Analyzing the affective-semiotic structure in current consumer experiences: a case study.


Our long-term solution for quantitative research CommunityNox are year-long panels where consumer interactions take place around common themes. They allow us to quantify people’s perceptions of products, campaigns and the brand experience as a whole during long periods of time.


Qualitative research - fast, digital and accurate NoxForums are small groups of consumers that meet online to help us test qualitative hypotheses with speed and high insight-generating potential.

Influencer mapping

The identity, reach and influence of your brand’s most vocal fans A three-step search and filtering process reveals who are the brand evangelists who reach further on the internet. The result is a complete map of brand ambassadors classified by reputation, content and pro-active behavior.

Organization culture design

Visualizing the invisible All organizations are built on networks of people. We use netnographic analysis to reveal the official and unofficial relations that shape those networks, and to find what must be done so they can reach their true potential.

Reinventing research

Ad-hoc research by Nox4Think Qualitative or quantitative? On- or offline? U&A or segmentation? Nox4Think didn’t invent any of that, but we put our own touch on some of the best techniques available. We use consistent methodology, innovative tools and all our combined expertise to make traditional research with a delivery that only we can do.


Revealing the emotions behind conscious response We combine the best practices in qualitative research with psychoanalysis and affection science so every result includes the emotional responses of your audience.

Global geographies

You can rely on the expertise of professionals who have run qualitative and quantitative research on markets such as Argentina, Mexico, Russia, Colombia, Chile and the UK.

Technology solutions

We work with a mix of tools ranging from facial recognition to emotional neuroscience. We’re also among the first companies in Brazil applying metaphor elicitation to consumer studies.